Covid-19 Policy for Abbeyfield Hotel

Bridge Road, Torquay, TQ2 5AX, 01803 294 268

This Covid-19 Policy details the changes I’ve made at the Abbeyfield in order to keep us all as safe as possible. I’ll summarise the main changes here, followed by a more detailed description, if you want to know more. The main changes are:

  • I’ve reduced the number of bedrooms to be booked at any one time from six to four to make social distancing easier and to make sure I can maintain the new more time-consuming processes.
  • Frequently touched surfaces in common areas will be cleaned more frequently.
  • I’ve provided hand sanitiser for use on entering and leaving the B&B and the lounge/dining room.
  • I’ll be washing my hands even more frequently than before.
  • Rooms will be deep-cleaned and keys and frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, remote control etc. will be sanitised between each set of guests.
  • All linen and towels will be sent out to be laundered professionally.
  • Mattress and pillow protectors will be washed between each set of guests, and the bedding will be sprayed with linen sanitiser.
  • Breakfast will be served in both the dining room and guest lounge (two tables in each room), and when there are more than two sets of guests, I may ask you to choose a time slot for your breakfast. This will be a 30-minute time slot to start your breakfast in. You can take as long as you like to finish – you are on holiday after all!
  • There will no longer be a breakfast buffet; you will instead be able to order those items on our breakfast pre-order form the night before along with your cooked breakfast.
  • If you have trouble finding a table at a restaurant for dinner – or if you simply feel like avoiding busier areas – I’m happy to provide you with plates and cutlery to enjoy a take-away in our guest lounge or the garden if the weather is nice.

There will be an information sheet in the guest rooms with more details. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on 01803 294 268 or e-mail me on

The Covid-19 Policy in More Detail

General changes

The number of rooms let out at any one time will be limited to four (down from six) to ensure I can keep up with the new, more time-consuming cleaning and breakfast serving routines. Should there be a suspected Covid-19 case amongst our guests, it will also make it possible to leave that room unoccupied for 72 hours.

On Arrival

I’ll keep a 1-2 metre distance while I explain the breakfast ordering system, where your room is and how to get hold of me during your stay. I’ll leave an information sheet and the registration form and breakfast pre-order form along with a sanitised pen and sanitised room key in your room. I’ll ask you to leave the completed forms and the pen on the shelf outside the dining room. Once I’ve filed the forms, I’ll sanitise the pen and wash my hands.

Guest rooms

The rooms will have a laminated information sheet about the new safety measures. I’ll remove cushions, runners and bedspreads. The fridge on the landing will not be stocked with fresh milk and filtered water for guests’ use as usual. Filtered water and UHT milk will instead be provided in the
guest rooms and restocked daily.

Common Areas

In accordance with the government guidelines, common areas have to be closed off, so the guest lounge will be kept locked outside of breakfast time and only opened on request if guests (a maximum of two sets of guests at a time) wish to use the dining tables to eat a take-away (after
which I’ll sanitise table and chairs and relock the room). Guests are asked to please keep 2 metres apart if they meet other guests in the hall or on the stairs. Please give way to people ascending the stairs. There will be hand sanitiser for guests’ use on the shelf outside the dining room/guest lounge and by the front door, and we ask guests to please sanitise their hands when entering the B&B. The brochures by the front door will still be on display, but guests are requested to only touch the ones they intend to take and to put used ones in a recycling bin under the shelf by the dining room. The literature in the guest lounge will be moved to the hall, and guests are requested to keep the chosen literature with them until they are done with it and then hand it back to me, so I can wipe the cover and store it for 72 hours before putting it back. The same goes for the books on the first-floor landing please.

Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided by the iron and ironing board on the first-floor landing and guests are asked to please wipe the iron and board after use. Frequently touched areas in the common areas, like door handles, light switches and banisters, will be cleaned frequently.

Cleaning Rooms During Guests’ Stay

We ask guests to please leave their windows open before they go out for the day to improve ventilation before I go in to clean the rooms. Mugs, glasses, teaspoons and plastic beakers will be replaced daily and washed in the dishwasher at a high temperature. I’ll wear a disposable plastic apron and disposable gloves and change those between cleaning each room at which point I’ll also wash my hands very thoroughly.


All towels and linen will be sent out to be professionally laundered. The dirty laundry will be stored off the premises until collection. I will stop using tablecloths for the breakfast tables during this time.

Food and Beverages (Breakfast and Bar)

Social distancing will be ensured by serving breakfast in both the lounge (2 tables) the dining room (2 tables). I’ll place trays/plates on the bar (in dining room) or coffee table (in the lounge) for guests to take to maintain social distancing. I’ll also give guests the option to have their breakfast served on a tray that they can take with them into the garden. Unless it’s a very cold day, the windows in the lounge and dining room will be opened to improve ventilation. The buffet will be replaced with pre-orders. Staggered breakfast times (choice of a time interval the night before) will be used when more than 2 rooms are occupied to give me time to follow the new and more time-consuming routine. Ketchup/brown sauce and preserves etc. will be served to order rather than in reusable bottles/jars. Salt and pepper shakers will be provided on each table and sanitised after breakfast.

If guests want to use the bar, only one set of guests will be served at a time. Departure If you prefer, I can process you payment without you using my card machine. Otherwise, I’ll keep a 1-2 metre distance by putting the card machine on the shelf outside the dining room and stepping
back. The card machine and room key will be sanitised after the guests’ departure.

Cleaning of Rooms Between Guests

I ask that you please leave the window(s) in your room open on vacating the room. I’ll wear a disposable apron and disposable gloves, which will be changed between cleaning different rooms, at which point I’ll also wash my hands very carefully.

The bed linen and towels will be sent out to be professionally laundered at high temperatures. The bedding will be sprayed with disinfectant, and the pillow protectors and mattress protector will be washed in between each set of guests. I’ll put the clean bed linen on the bed after completing the cleaning and will change my gloves and apron beforehand. Reusable toiletry bottles, flush handles and toilet seats, taps, remote control, door handles, kettle, hair dryer, light switches/light cord, laminated guest information, window handles, cupboard doors/handles on drawers and bedside tables will be cleaned very thoroughly with disinfectant. Mugs, glasses, teaspoons and plastic tumblers will be replaced and the used items washed in the dishwasher at a high temperature.

If You Experiences Covid-19 Symptoms

If you experience symptoms before you leave for your stay at the Abbeyfield, we ask you to please stay at home, and we’ll move your stay to a different time later this year or 2021 free of charge. We also ask you to let us know if you have symptoms during your stay. If this happens, you will need to follow the government guidelines and self-isolate in your room and arrange a test. If you are confirmed to have Covid-19, you should return home if you reasonably can. In accordance with government guidelines you should use private transport but only drive yourself if you can do so safely. This will apply to all guests that were present in the room. If you are unable to return home and choose to self-isolate at the Abbeyfield, you will be liable for all costs incurred by remaining at the B&B. Should I be contacted by the Test and Trace team, I will share guests’ details with them.